Why you Should Ditch your Car for Your Next Ski Trip

Help Create a Flexible and Sustainable Transportation System that Works for Skiers and Snowboarders.

Most of us take for granted that getting to the ski slopes in the winter includes a significant journey by car. As we head into the mountains on weekends and holidays, traffic spikes along major ski corridors like I-70 in Colorado or I-80 on the way to Tahoe, causing terrible traffic jams and adding hours onto commutes. The exhaust from so many idling cars greatly increases air pollution, endangering public health and contributing to climate change,  which threatens the beautiful outdoor places we are traveling to enjoy.

But, it doesn't need to be this way!

At Snowriders, we believe that our trip to the slopes shouldn’t endanger the mountains and snow that we love.  For years, personal cars have remained the only convenient way to access the mountains in most areas of the country.  Snowriders International, however, believes that a flexible and modern transportation system that gets us where we need to go without harming the natural places that we love, is not only possible but necessary. We’re working with skiers and snowboarders across the country to demand better and more varied public and shared transportation options that can allow us to enjoy the mountains while also protecting them.


Options are already growing nationwide, but more work is necessary.  The key to making a personal-car-free transportation system work is offering enough convenient options. A 2013 study by the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) found that young people demand transportation systems with many options and desire the ability to pick between choices depending upon the practical needs of their trip.

Want to get to the mountain early enough for first chair? You need an option that gets on the road in the wee hours of the morning.

Need to head back early? You'll want transportation with multiple or flexible departure times.

Want to play Angry Birds, or get a little work done on the drive? A public transit option would be perfect.  

As shuttle, bus, rideshare and train options proliferate, skiers are beginning to get a taste of what car-free skiing can offer.  The more people demand and take advantage of these options, the more will appear. So before you jump in your car for your next weekend adventure, consider the public and shared transportation options available in your region, and take this simple action to protect the mountains we love.