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We are an organization of skiers, snowboarders, and winter sports lovers.  We want to see winter sports flourish for years to come and for future generations to be able to enjoy the outdoor playgrounds we love. We're a community dedicated to the promotion of winter sports and the preservation of snowy winters across the globe.

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Car-Free Skiing Guides:

Check out our resources on how you can get to the slopes without driving a personal car. We have guides for getting to Lake Tahoe and to the slopes from the Denver-Metro-Area.

Help us expand our car-free guides to your region - tell us how you get to the mountains without driving a personal car!

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Improve your MPGs on the Way to the Slopes

Want to make your ride to the mountain more environmentally friendly? Consider these tips!

Learn about Snowrider's Environmental Campaigns:

We believe that skiers and snowboarders have a powerful voice and a responsibility to advocate for the environment and for decisive climate action. Here's how you can get involved.

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Carbon Pricing in Vermont

From Vermont? Sign our letter to Governor Scott in support of carbon pricing in Vermont. Accepting the real cost of carbon emissions is an essential part of continuing Vermont's climate leadership and protecting the future of snowy winters in New England.


Save our National Monuments

Sign our letter calling on Secretary of Interior Zinke and the Trump Administration to protect our National Monuments.



Snowriders believes in the commitment the US made in Paris a year and a half ago and we're dedicated to transitioning to a 100% renewable energy economy.  We know this is an essential step in combating climate change and protecting the future of snowy winters. 

Right now, we're collecting statements from skiers and snowboarders across the country on why they believe in a 100% renewable future.