New Carbon Pollution Limits Great News for Mountains and Winter Sports!

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Denver, CO – Snowriders International praised President Obama’s action on power plant rules today together with leaders from snowsports and mountain communities. Supporters applauded that there will be 32 percent less climate change pollution and more clean energy power nationwide, according to limits on carbon pollution finalized today that are central to President Obama’s plan to address climate change.  

“This is the biggest step the U.S. has ever taken to curb global warming pollution, and it’s big news for snowsports and mountain communities affected by climate change,” said Philip Huffeldt, Director of Snowriders International.

Winter sports athletes heralded the benefits the new pollution limits will bring to the country as unreliable snowpack and shorter winters hurt athletes’ ability to compete.

“As a five-time Olympian and gold medalist at the X Games for ski cross, I’ve seen the reliable snow of my youth change into man-made snow flanked by dirt and rocks on all sides,” said Casey Puckett. “Reduced snowpack caused by climate change really limits what we can do as athletes and that’s why I support the Clean Power Plan.”

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan sets state-by-state limits on heat-trapping emissions of carbon dioxide from power plants, the largest single source of such pollution in the country.

Mountain communities support the plan. This past November, over 130 ski areas, professional athletes, businesses, government officials, and organizations voiced support with Snowriders International for a strong plan. The final plan goes even further than the initial draft and many are happy about that.

“Ski areas depend upon having reliable snowpack every year and climate change is making that harder and harder,” said Mike Nathan, Sustainability Supervisor or Arapahoe Basin Ski Area. “The Clean Power Plan is a step in the right direction and the stronger it is, the better.”

Heat waves, forest fires, shorter winters and decreasing snowpack are just a few of the impacts of climate change that mountain communities have already begun to experience. California and much of the Pacific Northwest experienced the worst snowfall on record this past winter. Scientists predict that without drastic cuts in global warming emissions, these effects will become catastrophic.

Vast majorities of US residents across of all walks of life and political leanings support the carbon pollution limits, according to a recent poll according a recent Yale study. Skiers, snowboarders and other snow loving people participated in sending in more than 8 million comments in favor of the plan.

The Clean Power Plan comes out at an important time globally as world leaders prepare to come together and form an international agreement on climate change. The United Nations Climate Change Conference is in December in Paris this year and this plan allows the U.S. to lead and set a strong example worldwide.

Today’s action is thanks to all the mountain and snowsports voices, together with millions of Americans, who called for strong climate action,” said Philip Huffeldt. “With continued leadership from the President and backing of the American people, the U.S. can help steer an international agreement to stave off the worst of the climate crisis.”


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