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Climate Change on Ice!

June 9th: Please join us for a happy hour and talk with polar explorer Eric Larsen! Get tickets.

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Please join us for these exciting events for Earth Week!

Earth Day at A-bay 2016 - Dinner and a Movie - with Prizes!

Study Break at CSU - Film Screening, Climate Talk, and free Pizza - open to the public!

Check out the Film Festival Flix Adventure Film Fest and give back! This is an online film fest that cares.

Click here or the image below for snow and mountain news from COP21, the UN Climate Change Conference happening in Paris.


Tell world leaders to protect our moutnain way of life and sign the I AM PRO SNOW letter. Click here to sign.

Snowriders International praises the final Clean Power Plan - the biggest single action ever taken on climate change!



“As a five-time Olympian and gold medalist at the X Games for ski cross, I’ve seen the reliable snow of my youth change into man-made snow flanked by dirt and rocks on all sides,” said Casey Puckett. “Reduced snowpack caused by climate change really limits what we can do as athletes and that’s why I support the Clean Power Plan.”

Casey Puckett, Photo credit: Yalonda Long


Snowriders International and allies deliver a powerful message to the EPA!


What will the Winter Olympics be like in 2050?  

Please click here to take action.

With unlimited amounts of carbon pollution being dumped into the air, global warming is accelerating at an alarming rate.  We are in danger of losing the bests part of winter, snow, skiing, and snowboarding.  What would the Winter Olympics be without a healthy winter?

We can still save all that we love about winter, snow, and the mountains.  Please click here to take action.

Powder, Not Power Plants:

Tell the EPA to protect snowsports and reduce carbon pollution from power plants.

The EPA and the President have acknowledged that carbon pollution is the leading cause of climate change.  Shorter, more erratic winters and decreasing snowpack are threatening our way of life as skiers, snowboarders, and mountain recreation enthusiasts.  

So the time to act is now!  Click here to find out how to tell the EPA to protect snowsports.



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"I love what Snowriders International is all about: community, environmental progress, and most importantly . . . LOVE OF THE SNOW. Help protect our snow, join Snowriders International."

— Chris Klug, Olympic Snowboarder and Snowriders International Founding Committee Member

Photo of Chris Klug by Dennis Schroeder, courtesy Chris Klug / www.chrisklug.com