Clean Cars in Colorado

DENVER - Last week the Colorado Air Quality Control Commission (AQCC) voted unanimously to  adopt Low Emission Vehicle Standards for the state. Snowriders International is excited to see the state of Colorado leading on emission standards regulation in the absence of national action. Read out statement below:

"Here in Colorado, most of us rely on our personal cars to get us out to the slopes in the winter, or in the summer to the pitch, the river or the hiking trail.  And the emission from our weekend adventures have a real impact on our communities and environment. Exhaust from idling cars in winter traffic jams degrades air quality in mountain towns, and releases climate change causing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

"At Snowriders we believe that a trip to the mountains shouldn’t harm the beautiful natural places we are there to enjoy; and that our transportation shouldn’t threaten the future of Colorado’s snowy winters by contributing to climate change. Clean car standards, like the Low Emission Vehicle Standard announced last week by AQCC are an essential step to making this vision a reality.  More efficient cars on the road means cleaner and more responsible transportation choices for us all and they will allow more Coloradans to enjoy our mountains with a lighter environment impact.

"With the Trump administration backing off of clean car regulations nationally, we are thrilled to see Colorado leading the way in this essential and common sense step so that we can be responsible stewards of Colorado’s incredible natural beauty for generations to come."