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Bears Ear National Monument   -By US Bureau of Land Management (http://mypubliclands.tumblr.com/) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Bears Ear National Monument -By US Bureau of Land Management (http://mypubliclands.tumblr.com/) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Our National Monuments are Under Attack...

In September, Secretary Zinke advised the Trump Administration to reduce the protections on 10 of our National Monuments, including Bears Ear National Monument in Utah.  His recommendations included shrinking several monuments and opening others up to development.

... and our public lands are being sold off to extractive industry.


In 2017, the US. Bureau of Land Management proposed the auctioning of over one million total acres of land in Colorado, Montana, Nevada New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming to be used for fracking.  By prioritizing the fossil fuel industry over the wishes and well being of the american public, this action not only threatens beautiful wild lands, sacred sites and essential ecosystems, but also puts our clean air, water and health at risk.

In January 2018, US Secretary of Interior Ryan Zinke announced moving forward with a proposal to make over 90 percent of the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) available for off-share drilling projects.  Opening up the OCS to oil and gas exploration puts some of North America's most delicate ecosystems further at risk, and threatens the breeding grounds of endangered of species, including mammals like the Right Whale. Extracting fossil fuels from increasingly remote and dangerous parts of our planet only puts the natural resources we still have at risk, and further increases the dangers of climate change.

Snowriders loves our public lands.  


Public lands are at the heart of the outdoor recreation industry in America.  Skiers and snowboarders are constantly benefiting from this amazing shared resource - year round. Much of the land we ski on is publicly managed and protected. America's public lands keeps the mountain air fresh and preserve pristine mountain views. They are essential to our climate, clean water, and our way of life.  

Snowriders International believes in keeping our public lands public.  Our Snowriders for Public Lands campaign is working to build awareness for the important asset our public lands provide to us as skiers and as citizens. Protecting our public lands from private development is essential to the future of all outdoor recreation, as well our efforts to combat climate change and environmental degradation.



Add your name to our letter to Secretary of Interior Zinke demanding responsible and respectful treatment of our national monuments and all our public lands!

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